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Echoes In Our Time

A zine of folktales, original poetry, social justice news and more...

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Folktales, legends, and myths tend to be rooted in the reality of either something that happened or a figure to personify what society was focussed on at the time; think of King Arthur or Robin Hood.

Some folktales are incredibly old. The four branches of the Mabinogi (Pedair Cainc Y Mabinogi) from Wales, are the earliest prose in British literature, and Australia and Tasmania hold the longest uninterrupted oral tradition in the world, at around 12,000 years.

Some folktales are closer to home, we're making them now in the stories we tell each other and our collective priorities. The political dramas that we write and talk about a lot may morph into tales of 'nonsweating men' or 'when the sea was a toilet'.

Echoes In Our Time, shines a light on tales you probably don't know and positions these right next to the social justice news of today and responds with original poetry in the time honoured tradition of protest folk art.

How to Fold and Read the Zine

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The Links

The Links

All editions of Echoes In Our Time are available here to view or download for free. Enjoy!

The 'standard pdf' is the best to view. The 'print pdf' includes crop marks and bleed to make sure nothing is cut off when printed. The 'screen reader version' is a document which includes all the text of the zine in a format which can be read out by screen readers.

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APRIL 2024

The Selkie & The Man, When My Lover Joins Me, and the government dept. failing the public

Standard pdf

Print pdf

Screen reader version

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