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Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and accessibility


Rowan is an accessibility specialist with a background in law and GDPR. They have lived experience as a queer, trans, and disabled fem presenting person, and has undertaken training in dismantling internalised white supremacy.

Rowan is available to speak in an educational, commentary, or testimonial capacity about specific areas of policy or legislation or general aspects of living whilst marginalised.

All of Rowan's work is intersectional and they use the spiral curriculum approach to education meaning that, relative to the level of prior understanding, they will facilitate the next stage of learning across the spectrum of marginalised identities rather than focus on single elements in isolation. 

Rowan has advised small and medium sized businesses and public and third sector organisations on their policies, practices and accessibility in action to build spaces which are better informed, more considerate and ultimately, safer for people who have been historically excluded.

Rowan can share their experience of confronting their own biases and coming to terms with the ongoing nature of dismantling this conditioning, as well as their experience of building and maintaining a small company which uses radical business techniques to avoid the worst of capitalist trading.

Use the contact form to discuss an event you have coming up or a specific talk you have in mind. Rowan can cater to set content requirements or build an expressive and impactful talk from the general information you would like to convey.

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