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Please contact me for bookings, if you are interested in collaborating, or have any questions.

I perform the following set types. Pricing as standard, discounts available. 

Rowan Prescott Hedley in Immaculate
Rowan Prescott Hedley in Sophia Breathes
Rowan Prescott Hedley in Maskerade

sur la


15--30min OPEN or THEMED SET £20 - £30

At your request, this performance can be any combination of music, poetry, and comedy. show content can be themed to your event or left open, appropriate to the set, time, and venue.

Contact me

to book

30--60min 'EVENING WITH' SET £50 - £70

This performance brings an insight into my work. It features a combination of poetry, comedy, and music and is centred around identity, particularly gender, sexuality, and societal expectations. Educational and entertaining, this show is one for academics, activists, and the simply curious alike.


This one act play explores Sophia's journey from impassioned young activist to a point of discontentment and seeming resignation though the medium of poetry, song, and prose. It is told from the perspective of Sophia in her 70's, with snapshot windows into her 20s and 40s. 

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